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Payment Posting Services

Accurate Processing. Improved Collections. Analytical Decision Making.

Payment Posting Services

The payment posting process, in many ways, provides a view of the effectiveness of your revenue cycle. It allows you to understand trends in reimbursements and perform analytics. Accurate payment posting offers clarity on the state of your revenue cycle, and, therefore, you must choose a highly efficient team to process payments. 

Our Payment Posting Process

We process different types of remittances received with a high degree of accuracy, improved responsiveness, and follow the procedures defined by our clients. We perform the following services:

We receive information on the point of service payments made by patients from our clients. These payments are made via cash/check/credit cards and could be on account of co-pays, deductibles, or non-covered services. Our team reviews the information received and adjusted the same against each patient account.

We process Insurance Payments in the following formats

  • Electronic Remittance Advisory. We receive high volume ERAs from payers and process them in batches by importing them into the client’s practice management system. Each batch run throws exceptions that fall out, and we correct the same along with verification of batch totals.

  • Manual Posting: Our clients often send us scanned EOBs. Each EOB batch is accessed via secure FTPs or through the EHR system and processed in line with the client’s business rules for adjustments, write-offs, and balance transfer to secondary insurance companies or the patients.

Posting of claim denials is essential to get an accurate understanding of the customer’s A/R cycle. Denied claims are sent back by the payers in the form of ANSI codes for denials and sometimes with payer-specific medical coding guidelines. We understand the payer-specific denial codes for most payers and have expertise in understanding ANSI standard denial codes. We record each claim denial in the practice management system and take actions to re-bill to the secondary insurance company, transfer the balance to the patient, write-off the amount, or send the claim for reprocessing.


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Benefits of our Payment Posting process

With our global delivery team, you are assured of a contractual guarantee of over 97% accuracy, while in reality, you get over 99% accuracy

With our team members working around the clock, we can guarantee a 24-48 hours turnaround time.

Accuracy in payment posting is critical to getting the right view of the state of your accounts receivable, allowing you to make the right decisions.

We generate reports on A/R trends to:

  • Understand the reason for denials,

  • document the cases requiring eligibility and authorization to improve point of service collections,

  • understand the services that are covered or not covered by different payers, and

  • learn about the typical time to process payments by your insurance company

We abide by your business rules and bring to your notice any significant trends, contractual adjustments, or denials.

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